take control of your

MIND by calming your HEART via your MOVEMENT.


Calm in

the Storm SA 

Through the subconscious control of posturally correct movement, the ‘Calm in the Storm’ method aims to increase performance, well-being and productivity in our hyper competitive societies. 
The Calm in the Storm method teaches you to reclaim your Brain Reward System and to implicitly trust your body. This will enable your body to function from a deeply calm, centered state and help you to meet life`s challenges on the front foot and avoid anxious `fight or flight` behaviours.

The value of the ‘Calm in the Storm’ method to regulate stress lies in combining the principles of optimal movement and footwork - developed over thousands of years in the martial arts – with cutting edge scientific research.  


Calm in the Storm offers a game changing performance toolkit for any individual or team looking to reach their true potential in life whether you are looking to excel on the sports fields, in the business arena or in your daily life.


We will teach you to remain calm and focussed on the inside while meeting life's challenges on the outside.


We will show you how to work with your reptilian brain rather than defaulting to fight or flight mode.


If one calms the heart in the inside,

Then the qi becomes stronger.

If one strengthens one`s heart, then the (perceptions) of ears and eyes are clear,

And the four limbs are hard and firm



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