The sweet science of total body conditioning

Boxing is a microcosm of life, and can be compared to life. Are you willing to take risks? Boxing gives confidence in everything you do, a willingness to make tough decisions.


The boxer needs it all: power, speed, endurance, reaction, flexibility and balance. This boxing conditioning helps build a healthy heart, improved circulation to extremities, greater stroke volume and lower resting pulse.The sport is one of infinite subtlety, of physical and psychological refinement. The aspects of body choreography, balance, timing and conditioning are on par with those of a dancer or a gymnast. The subtle feints, movement from the spine, slips, footwork, weight transfer, the careful establishment of distance and range all contribute to the art of the sport.


It is not simply a matter of moving with your feet or throwing a punch.The objective is to do both in harmony.This sweet science has the distinction of variety- punching, footwork and body toning.Through the focused effort of getting fit one creates that harmony between mind, body and spirit.


The spirit of boxing is that of a solo endeavour.This total conditioning wraps you within a peaceful coccon; “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” .It is almost as if you are floating. Everything else is far removed.


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