This unique conditioning workout will integrate strength, flexibility, grace, agility and alertness. This approach to movement focuses on moving naturally and adapting to the environment and outside stressors. The key would be to learn to move with proper kinetics allowing for efficient movement without any waste of energy. You would need to acquire the skills and conditioning to be effective so your body will ultimately help you to attain your goals. Emphasis is placed on correct posture,rhythm and timing.When the subconscious brain has been taught these skills you learn to trust and feel safe in your body and are able to adapt to any given situation, act creatively and appropriately without going into `fight or flight`.


A person`s goal would be to create balance between strength and flexibility so the body learns to move in an effortless way.This natural movement class will be an invaluable education as well as a workout.This training method can also be taught indoors at Andre`s studio but he prefers to take you outside and train in nature on Signal hill.Andre` has created a natural training ground using logs,trees and boulders.The challenge would be to overcome fun obstacles and learn to adapt to the changing environment whilst consciously moving with proper kinetics so you can operate from a calm relaxed state.A person of any fitness level can join as the challenge will be to see how relaxed you can stay in dynamic movements whilst adapting to the `outside`.


Well-being is comprised of the sum of the functions of speed,tolerance and sensitivity of body actions.That these functions are gradually impaired or decreased with age is the way of nature, but the physiological functions of the body may be improved and senility delayed through mental and physical exercising.


Andre` will show you the way on how to creatively blend the power of your mind with the movement of your body in a way that is both efficient and enjoyable.The tools will be Tai Chi Chuan, boxing and natural movement.This form of exercise will introduce you to the goal of attaining balance between your mind, body and spirit and will be encouraged to practice on a daily basis to obtain peace of mind.


Andre` uses his experience to teach this natural grace to children, the elderly, sportsmen and women and anyone who wants to discover their true potential.

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