The workshop given by Andre was unique and surprising. To be honest I was not expecting anything like that, anyhow I really enjoyed experiencing such freedom in a raw environment like the woods above Cape Town. Andre and Laurie’s theoretical knowledge were the cherry on the cake because it gave us a deeper understanding of movements and exercises.


Training with Andre was a refreshing and exciting adventure. In a world full of gyms, Andre choose the forest as our playground. Climbing, running, dancing and jumping between trees reminded me of my childhood. When my mind and body was fearless. It took only two sessions to make me more aware of my posture and inspire me to take care of my heart and my body. Thank you Andre, best wishes.


For me the approach to look at what the functions whole body is actually doing (mentally, combined with the physiological functions of heart and other organs) and how it reacts to different kind of movements/posture structures was eye opening! 


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