Laurie's journey to health
Laurie tapped into his pre-accident sporting experiences - ranging from triathlon, cycling, rugby and climbing - to help him push through his horrific and debilitating injuries in a desperate effort to regain his health and well-being. Laurie weaves his experiences, the movement principles that Andre gleaned from his extensive movement training career, and 30 years of Health Sciences research together to bring the neurobiology of composure to life:
"What happens inside the brain, heart and body of a person who is performing under pressure and what does it take to remain composed during peak performances?"
Laurie simplifies the often complex neurobiological pathways that connects the heart and the brain and how the Brain Reward System motivates and moves the body. 
Laurie introduces concepts like 1. Nervous System regulation via movement, 2. Regulating our 3  internal bodily states, 3. The hierarchy of our 3 motivated behaviours - and many more - to illustrate what it takes to function optimally in often challenging environments.

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The Neurobiology of Composure.
AGM of the Japanese Karate Association of South Africa, Wanders Club, Johannesburg,
2 February 2019
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The 4 pillars of Composure.
Calm-in-the-stormSA studio, Cape Town, 14 November 2018

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