Taijiquan is a three-in-one exercise Of heart/mind, of qi and of the body


Tai Chi Chuan is a Chinese martial art based on daoistic principles.It can prevent illness and prolong lifespan.It reinforces the muscles and strengthens the ligaments and tendons in a natural manner, relaxing all joints and regulates blood pressure.It is a means to promote health.

This martial art teaches us to direct movement from our spine thus originating from the centre line of your body.Observation of nature teaches us that the strength of a tree lies in its trunk, not in the branches and leaves.Why should the human body be any different?We need to re-educate ourselves to move in the ways we were designed to move, like watching children play.It is our job as adults to learn how to consciously move through life with that same flow and beauty.Move your body by using mental focus and relaxation instead of muscle power.


The` form` of Tai Chi Chuan exercises the body and reinforces the constitution.The movements of the form must expand naturally through the joints without strength and in a calm precise manner.They must also be correct and precise.The spirit must be relaxed and natural, without forcing oneself, it must be naturally at ease.The breathing should be calm and even.It should, however not be consciously controlled, but instead be left unrestrained, `completely natural`.Only with correct body posture can the movements and breathing be in harmony.


`Pushhands` relates to application of the form.The movements must be soft and fluid.The spirit must be relaxed and the postures correct, being straight and always centred no matter in which position.You learn how to neutralise.Never let the intention of attack enter your mind.

Characteristics in `Pushhands` are:


1.Overcome hardness with softness.

2.Meet the offensive with calmness.

3.Beat the opponent with less strength but more skill.

4.Retreat in order to advance.

5.Circular movements.


It has been stated in one of the Tai Chi Chuan classic texts that the final purpose of practising Tai Chi Chuan is to reach longevity and eternal spring(youth).

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