10 session training syllabus over 1 month.


Combining the principles of optimal movement and footwork - developed over thousands of years in the martial arts – with cutting edge scientific research at UCT Exercise Science and Sports Medicine into the kinetic (movement), cardiovascular (physiological stress) and neural (decision making ability) impact of footwork and posture during sporting performance, Calm in the Storm offers a game changing performance toolkit for any athlete or team in just 10 one hour sessions.


The first session – “Finding Your Feet” 


1.  Will Introduce the principle of Power through Posture.


2. Allow the athlete to feel the Power through Posture effect using specific drills


3. Progress the athlete from static to controlled movement with power



In Session 2 - “Panic Attack” – Calm in the Storm coaching begins to:



1. Train the athlete to understand and recognize the chain of kinetic, physiological and neural events that

     result in a “Panic Patch;” for example when a player misses an open goal, a tennis player misses a simple          smash or a golfer yips a putt.


2. Equip the athlete with the knowledge and tools required to eradicatePanic Patches from their        



3. Introduce “Offensive Pathway” training where the principles of structure, rhythm and breathing are

     activated to trigger optimal performance under pressure – turning Panic to Attack.



Session 3 – “Face off”


1. Introduces the concept of an external “threat” e.g the opposing player


2 .Preps the athlete to physically address the threat while remaining calm, centred and in control.


3. Builds on the “Offensive Pathway” training with the addition of neutralization tools & technical strategy.



In Session 4 - “Hands Off”

The athlete will begin to FEEL the impact of Offensive Pathway techniques by:


1. Physically addressing + Exploring “Close Quarters Engagement” with the threat.


2. Progressing to “hands free” neutralization techniques.


3. “Closing the Kinetic Chain” – combining optimal footwork and hands free neutralization techniques to

      progress the “Power through Posture” principle from theory into the physical sports environment.



Session 5 – “Take it outside” 


Challenges the athlete by introducing and exploring the “outside” challenge presented by an opponent for example. 



Session 6 – “Offensive Sense”


Progresses towards the combative /Neutralize and strike response to the “outside” challenge.



In Session 7 – “Action Lines”


The athlete then learns to solve the outside challenge without the use of hands before progressing to Session.



8 – “Blind Faith”

Where the FEELING of Calm in the Storm becomes normalized to the extent that the athlete will begin to act optimally, instinctively.



Session 9 – “Panic Attack II”


Equips the athlete to effectively destabilise and “counterpunch” sequentially as a prep for the conclusive.



Session 10 – “Leading from the Front” 


Where the athlete instinctively governs the competitive situation by meeting the challenge on the front foot.  

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