Andre teaching Tai Chi in Geneva, Switzerland

The Power of Natural Movement for children


In our fast-paced and competitive society we are all aware of the importance of educating our children, but often the focus is on academic education.  Children need additional skills to take them through life with confidence and joy.



The goal of Natural Movement is to teach children to overcome hardness with softness, skilful movement, a strong structure and to enjoy being in their bodies in a creative, playful manner.

To this end games are introduced involving wrestling, climbing, crawling, throwing, catching, balancing, running, lifting and jumping.

Movement and games unfold naturally, allowing children to learn free expression and to develop an awareness of other people.

The play is also designed to enable children to recognise the harmonious, but powerful structure in nature and in animals, and to learn calmness from it.



Natural Movement teaches children:


  • to create a strong structure and inner strength to help them feel safe in their world; it is only when you feel safe that you are able to express beautiful natural flowing movements which neutralises emotional trauma and apprehension.


  • about calmness and gentleness in a playful manner by maintaining a focussed structure in whatever they do


  • to find focus and balance without losing a sense of play, allowing them to live with respect for themselves and the world around them.


Natural Movement teaches children to feel the benefit and fun of activity and movement by instilling a calm, kind way within the new strong structure, empowering them to freely and gently follow their hearts desires, without ever losing the sense of play so often missing from our modern lives.


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